Chaguanas Borough Corporation Administrative Complex

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Project: Design, Supply and Outfitting of the Interior Architecture of the Office Building Chaguanas Borough Corporation Administrative Complex

The site used for the new Chaguanas Borough Corporation Building encompasses an approximate area of 12,500 ft2 and is three (3) floors high. The building outfitted was recently constructed and has never been occupied. The new building was erected to facilitate the staffing needs and their functions as well as to provide adequate parking and security systems.

PSAEL was responsible for the creation of functional work spaces by providing architectural designs from ceiling to floor on all three (3) floors of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation Administrative Complex and all procurement activities that related to the outfitting of the building. This included, but was not limited to:

• Procurement of all Goods and Services to complete the outfitting of the spaces
• Design of Office Spaces, Conference Rooms and Kitchen Facilities
• Supply and Installation of Furniture and Fixtures including Cabinetry
• Supply and Installation of Windows and Doors
• Glass Tinting and Provision of Blinds
• Design, Supply and Install Plumbing, A/C, Security & Surveillance, Electrical and ICT Equipment
• Signage & Interior decoration of all spaces – potted plants, lighting fixtures, etc.
• Construction of Internal Walls/Partitions for Offices
• Provision of all Wall and Floor finishes and furnishings
• Equipment for Fire and Emergencies
• Development of Fire, Emergency Evacuation Plan
• Inspections of fire proofing and fire safety systems
• Other items deemed relevant by MOLG & PSAEL