Frequently Asked

What is the meaning of PSAEL?
P.S.A.E.L is the abbreviated letters which represents Palo Seco Agricultural Enterprises Limited. PSAEL, is the name by which the organisation is commonly referred to, making the organisation easily recognizable and identifiable.

Where is PSAEL Located?
PSAEL’s Administration Building is located at #31-32 Casuarina Avenue, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad.
PSAEL’s sub office is located at L.P. 594 S.S. Erin Road, Palo Seco.

Who is PSAEL?
PSAEL is a Special Purpose State Enterprise, with its core function being the provision of project management services on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

What do we do at PSAEL?
PSAEL co-ordinates community infrastructure development projects throughout South Trinidad in various Municipal Corporations, namely:

  • Penal/Debe Regional Corporation
  • Point Fortin Borough Corporation
  • Princes Town Regional Corporation
  • Rio Claro/Mayaro Regional Corporation
  • San Fernando City Corporation
  • Siparia Regional Corporation

PSAEL, also provide estate maintenance and land management services for PETROTRIN and its predecessor companies, TRINTOC and TRINTOPEC.

Where can information about PSAEL’s current events and current projects be obtained?
For information about PSAEL’s events and projects, you can contact the Communications Unit at 658 – 3722/4147 ext 309 and 317.

What are the designated days for land and estate management services?
The Land and Estate Department has designated Wednesdays, 8:00am – 12:00noon & 1:00pm – 3pm to oversee estate management issues relative to PSAEL, PETROTRIN and its predecessor companies, TRINTOC and TRINTOPEC.