Human Resource
& Corporate Services

The Human Resource & Corporate Services Department is committed to partnering with all departments in achieving PSAEL’s overall goals and objectives while contributing to employee development and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Roles and Functions

The roles and functions of the department includes overall responsibility for all human resource functionalities, including Recruitment and Selection, Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development, Performance Management, Industrial Relations and Benefits Administration. The department is also responsible for the Change Management, Planning and Coordinating all Calendar Events (Reward and Recognition functions, Sports and Family Day). The HRCS Department is also responsible for overseeing PSAEL’s facilities management, fleet management, janitorial and security services.

Major Achievements:

  • Developed and updated numerous policies and procedures
  • Developed Company-wide training plans
  • Facilitated numerous training programs and interventions
  • Implementation of an Employee Performance Management System
  • Planning, Coordinating and hosting of numerous company events (eg Rewards and Recognition Functions, Annual Sports and Family Day, Health and Safety Week of Events)
  • Developed partnerships with various institutions (eg. The University of Trinidad and Tobago, Ministry of Science and Technology, Southwest Regional Health Authority, OSH Agency etc).