The role of the Projects, Engineering & Maintenance Department at PSAEL is to strategically develop and implement activities aimed at generating revenue by the utilization of best practices in Engineering, Project Management and Maintenance.


  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: – To provide comprehensive project management services to clients through implementation of the following processes:
  • Project Initiation: (Needs Assessment, Charter and Preliminary Scope development).
  • Project Planning: (Project definition, Development of Work breakdown Structures, Scope Definition and Project Management Plans)
  • Project Execution: (Procurement Management, Scope Management, Quality Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Resource Management, Risk Management and Communications Management)
  • Project Monitoring and Control: (Stakeholder Management, Quality Control, Change Control, Cost Control, Schedule Management and Customer Relations Management)
  • Project/Phase Closure: (Close-out report and lessons learnt, Procurement Closure, Final Scope Verification and Retention Payment)
  1. ENGINEERING:- To provide engineering support on projects and maintenance jobs by implementation of the following major processes:
  • Needs Assessment: (assessing and defining requirements of the Client)
  • Research: (relevant standards, regulations, etc.)
  • Investigations: (data collection on; Geo-technical, Topographical, Environmental)
  • Risk Analysis: (hazards, internal and external project risks)
  • Design: (analysis, calculations, CAD)
  • Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities.
  1. MAINTENANCE:- To develop and manage maintenance contracts for clients through implementation of the following major processes:
  • Procurement Management: (Tendering, Merit Awards to Contractors, Contract Administration)
  • Quality Management: (Site Supervision, Quality Control, Scope Verification)
  • Risk Assessment: (Hazards Identification and Mitigation)
  • Customer Relations Management: (Customer feedback, new customer requirements for new contracts)