The Office of the CEO comprises of three units, namely, the Contracts and Procurement Unit, Communications Unit and the Health, Safety & Environment Unit.

Contracts and Procurement Unit
It is the responsibility of Procurement and Contracts to facilitate the procurement needs of the company. The unit is responsible for ensuring and maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines and internal control procedures, to conduct business with the highest level of customer service, ethical standards, fairness, and transparency while welcoming qualified, responsible and diverse vendors.

Communications Unit
The Communications Unit oversees the organization’s stakeholder relationship function and is also responsible for developing and maintaining communication with internal and external publics. The Communications Unit responsibilities also include the preparation of publications and dissemination of company information via various communication mediums.

Health, Safety & Environment Unit
The Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Unit is grounded in the principle, of enhancing the organisation’s HSE management system. The HSE Unit engages all stakeholders, to entrench the organisation’s duty of care to provide a safe workplace and systems of work in-keeping with the requirements of the Trinidad & Tobago Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act and all relevant international best practices.